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Introducing ShopTrekker™ – shopping from your local stores is now easier, cheaper, faster

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Search An Item – Any Item

With millions of products available across thousands of retailers, you will immediately know if the item you are looking for is available nearby.
The information you want to make a purchase:

  • Store name and its distance from your current location
  • Price of the item
  • Product rating

Shopping Lists

Still using paper to write down items? Simply create a shopping list and we dynamically route you to items on your list – down to the Aisle and Shelf location.

You get up to date pricing and availability of items in your list.

Optimized Route

Dynamically updated route based on your shopping list saves you time and money

  • No more zig-zagging across stores
  • No more wasting time looking for items that are not present in a store

Never get lost again

Find your location whether you are in a shopping mall,
or inside a shopping store.

In-Store Navigation

Navigate to your shopping list inside the store

Spend less time looking for products

Feel free to move around, we take care of re-routing you to your products

Proximity Alerts

Get notified when the product you want is available at a nearby store.

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