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Bringing next generation of in-door navigation to you…

Ever wondered why navigation does not work indoors?

GPS signals from satellites get blocked by roof, and do not work when you are inside a building,
they are meant for driving and are inaccurate when you need aisle level accuracy.

Terrestrial Radio Signals

Radio signals from cell towers reach your cell phone even indoors –
this is what allows you to make phone calls and browse the internet.
The same signals can be triangulated to approximately determine your location,
however the location provided solely by cell towers have a large error and cannot be used for aisle navigation.

Indoor Radio Signals

Trilateration and triangulation from Wifi APs and BLE beacons increase the positioning accuracy. BLE beacons following Apple® iBeacon™ or Google® Eddystone™ format have an additional benefit that they can be placed indoors – inside a mall, store or at an event.


Your mobile cell phone already has built-in sensors such as a Compass and Accelerometer. We use a proprietary algorithm to fuse the sensor data along with RF signals to achieve extremely high position accuracy.

Map Digitization

Our map editor reads in your existing maps (various formats supported), and digitizes them seamlessly.

Cloud Based

Our cloud based solution allows us to scale and make our technology available to you across the world 24/7.

Enterprise Grade Security

Our system is built to handle large scale enterprises. Enterprise level ACL support, encryption and security are key features of our technology.